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Embodied Carbon & Carbon Capture

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Problem Set #4 Description

There is growing attention and need to measure beyond scope 1 and 2 emissions and address more comprehensively the emissions impact of buildings. This includes taking into account impacts of refrigerants as well as carbon emissions tied to buildings’ materials, construction and end of life processes. This problem set is focused on improving owner’s ability to understand, measure, and take steps to reduce embodied carbon, defined as the environmental impacts associated with producing, shipping, maintaining, and managing end of life requirements for materials.

i.   How does your solution help building owners monitor, measure, analyze, and report on the environmental impacts and especially carbon dioxide equivalent emissions that result from the construction, maintenance, and end of life processes of a building? 

ii.    How does your technology assist owners with tracking the embodied carbon and refrigerants associated with the materials they use in their properties? 

iii.   How does your solution help owners reduce the level of embodied carbon and refrigerants in the sourcing and maintenance of materials used in the development process?


iv.   How does your solution help owners control building level emissions using carbon capture technology in a way that is safe, economically sustainable, and results in very long-term or permanent sequestration? 

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