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Carbon Strategy Problem Set

Submissions are now Closesd

To achieve net zero, building owners must be able to accurately measure, validate, and report on carbon emissions. This problem set investigates PropTech solutions that can aid in precisely determining a building’s carbon emissions profile, generating actionable strategies for emissions reduction, and tracking the effectiveness of carbon reduction initiatives using reliable and verifiable metrics. We are seeking solutions for real estate’s ESG workstreams that facilitate more ambitious climate goals through automation and transparency.

  1. How does your product mitigate carbon dioxide on-site?

  2. What is the physical footprint of the technology and what inputs (i.e. power) does it require?  

  3. ​How does your solution accomplish full lifetime measurement, verification, and reporting (MRV)?

  4. What is your full life-cycle assessment efficiency from creation of product to sequestration?

  5. What happens with the carbon dioxide after it is captured? How do you ensure the permanence of the storage?

  6. What asset types are most ideal for your solution? ​What traction has your business had so far?

  7. What is your road map for helping customers to achieve net negative carbon capture?

  8. ​What impact would widespread adoption of your solution in NYC have on electrification and Local Law 97 compliance?

  9. ​How does your technology enable carbon trading?

  10. What metrics can be provided to determine and measure the success of your solution.  By way of example, how many kilograms of emissions are created per kilogram of carbon dioxide captured now and in the future? 

  11. What is the turnkey cost of the technology?  Are there recurring cost for service, software, etc.?

  12. Provide a link to  video summarizing your solution and responses, which should be at minimum 3 minutes in duration.

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