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Carbon Measurement, Verification, Reporting, & Accounting

(Submissions are Closed)

Problem Set #1 Description

The ability to accurately measure, validate, and report on carbon emissions associated with energy use is integral to a building owner’s ability to achieve net zero and prove it. This problem set explores PropTech solutions that can help accurately measure buildings’ carbon emissions profiles, develop actionable insights into strategies to reduce those emissions, and track the effectiveness of these carbon reduction programs with high quality verifiable metrics.

 i.   How does your product help measure, predict, analyze and or model, energy use and associated carbon emissions?    

ii.   How does your solution measure and verify greenhouse gas reduction?

iii.  How does your technology allow for customers to verify the origins and any possible renewable attributes of delivered electrons?

iv.  What carbon accounting standards are utilized and how does this help prove a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions?

v.   How does your technology support platforms or marketplaces for carbon trading?

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