DukeLong.com: #REBNYTech Hackathon GAUNTLET CHALLENGE Summary

2/25/2018 DukeLong.com (url)

For context and reference, I was one of the esteemed judges at the #REBNYTech Hackathon GAUNTLET CHALLENGE this week.

It was the culmination and or finals if you will of a hackathon started by REBNY last fall.

I also judged and wrote about that specific event here, #REBNYTECH Hackathon 2017 Will Award A Total Of $75k In Cash And Prizes To Tech Innovators!

It was such as positive step forward for REBNY and #CRE/#RETech that a GLOBAL https://www.proptechchallenge.com/ was started and will run an entire year. Click on the link for more details. (A special shout out to Sandy Jacolow Silverstein Properties, Sarah Harano Silverstein Properties and Ryan Baxter REBNY for all the hard work and continued commitment to www.proptechchallenge.com )Yes, I am involved and committed also. Come on people let’s show the world what we can do!!!

What follows is a visual summary of the sold-out REBNY event.

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