Operations & Maintenance Challenge

Category Sponsor & Mentor: NYSERDA


Property operations and maintenance refers to the monitoring, control, and oversight of physical assets within a building.  Whether under the banner of sustainability or innovation, this sector focuses on a combination of the deployment of new and retrofit technology, and the implementation of new operational behaviors.  Property managers and facility operators use building metrics to improve performance, while creating healthier spaces that are more comfortable for tenants.  

The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) was established as a public-benefit corporation in 1975 to reduce New York’s carbon footprint and to create clean-energy jobs.  NYSERDA has a $5B mandate funded by utility customers, and it plays a central role in realizing the state’s climate policies.  Its Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) program, the world’s leading PropTech incentive, is focused on improving understanding of building management among operators and occupiers and increasing the productivity associated with energy consumption.   More information on RTEM can be found here: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Real-Time-Energy-Management.  Register for the competition at YouNoodle

O & M Challenge Cash Prizes: 1st Place: $12,500; 2nd Place $4,000; 3rd Place $1,000

Challenge Overview:

Property management is undergoing a transformation as new and existing data streams are being intelligently collected, new data relationships created, while machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics are being utilized to make this data instructive and useful.  The following challenge prompts were developed to overcome real world problems in building electrification, BMS, controls & monitoring, and load management & peak shaving:

  • How can equipment fault detection, demand response, and peak shaving be incorporated into RTEM projects without any upfront costs?

  • How can wireless devices enable RTEM in pre-war buildings with concrete enclosed machine rooms?

  • How can mobile-first design facilitate RTEM projects in multifamily buildings?

  • How can tenant experience be incorporated to make RTEM projects more holistic and impactful?

  • How can RTEM empower more commercial buildings to accomplish the NYS’ carbon neutrality goals?

  • How can RTEM enable compliance with local law through the electrification of systems?

  • How do we position our buildings to maximize high efficiency renewal distributed energy resources?

  • How can predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning improve fuel tank monitoring systems?

  • How do we improve connectivity to legacy systems? 

  • How do we safely create wireless integration for proprietary control systems?

  • How can 3rd parties securely enhance CMMS/BMS integration?

  • How can technology improve the specific energy and energy density of non-flammable, commercial-scale, battery storage?

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