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PropTech Challenge Submission are Closed
Category Description

In 2020 the PropTech Challenge will be divided into four categories with a focus on helping owners and managers get tenants back into our buildings safely and securely.  We’ll be raising awareness to some exciting PropTech uncovered by the REBNY Technology Committee as we reimagine operations, leasing, and development in an ever changing world.

Buildings have been built and developed conventionally the same way for over 100 years now. Compared to other industries, the DCD industry has been a slow adapter to technological change. The risk of being an early adapter in this industry is too high and most developers and building owners prefer conventional technologies when designing and building a new project. This Challenge seeks to identify both best-in-class players and innovative new technologies that can be leveraged by REBNY members to improve their processes by leveraging technology tools that help make projects safer/more efficient/better managed from conception to completion – propelling the built environment onward. 


Listen to Carlos Valverde, Vice President Real Estate Development, Silverstein Properties talk about the DCD challenge on You Tube:


Problem Set
  1. What is currently the best solution to automate construction, on-site, to help reduce labor costs or create material-use efficiencies?

  2. What is currently the best platform to help real estate developers and investors organize, sort, manage, and collaborate on the acquisition and due diligence process of buying and selling real estate assets?

  3. What is currently the best software in the market to help architects and engineers use parametric design and artificial intelligence to design buildings?

  4. What is the best technology available to assist with location selection by providing actionable intelligence on relevant data points?