Building Operations & Wellness

PropTech Challenge Submission are Closed
Category Description

In 2020 the PropTech Challenge will be divided into four categories with a focus on helping owners and managers get tenants back into our buildings safely and securely.  We’ll be raising awareness to some exciting PropTech uncovered by the REBNY Technology Committee as we reimagine operations, leasing, and development in an ever changing world.


Sustainable Building Operations are crucial to providing businesses and residents safe and healthy environments. The purpose of this effort is to identify the best in class platforms that enable building owners to accomplish these goals and procure renewable green energy.



Problem Set
  1. What is the best platform for owners to purchase renewable energy, possess accurate carbon accounting and meet the mandates of laws like LL97?

  2. What is the best platform for measuring wellness, indoor air quality and leveraging the data currently being collected by building owners?

  3. What is the best platform for collecting, storing, and utilizing building data that can add to the efficiency and sustainability of our properties?

  4. What is the required infrastructure that can support all IoT data collection?