Residential Leasing & Brokerage

PropTech Challenge Submission are Closed
Category Description

In 2020 the PropTech Challenge will be divided into four categories with a focus on helping owners and managers get tenants back into our buildings safely and securely.  We’ll be raising awareness to some exciting PropTech uncovered by the REBNY Technology Committee as we reimagine operations, leasing, and development in an ever changing world.

The Residential & Leasing Brokerage category is designed to identify leading technology solutions on the market that help make the residential real estate transaction experience more seamless & delightful for its various stakeholders.  Beyond traditional engagement, we are highlighting specific white space areas that are ripe for an improved experience. 



Problem Set
  1. How can technology make the consumer search process more personalized and predictive?

  2. How can technology better facilitate matching and market making/inter-broker
    communication between buyers and sellers both locally and nationally? 


  3. How can technology improve brokers’/brokerages’ operational processes and provide actionable insight into agent and brokerage performance?

  4. How can technology make the consumer application process for either a rental or sale in condo/coop more efficient/streamlined?